How can we stretch our senses to inhabit earthly worlds at other scales?

How shall we translate the scientific perceptions apparatus to common sense (and back)? The Stretching Senses School festival exhibits site-specific Virtual Reality artworks building on ongoing research at the cluster of excellence Matters of Activity. Envisioned as a long-term co-educative collaboration between multimodal anthropology and immersive interaction art, the project shifts the attention of the visitors to the possibilities of digitally staging the embedded of humans and other earthly beings.

Feeling how limestone grows from the inside and seeing its dispersion as urban landscape; experiencing an amphitheater through vibrations of head-mounted willow branches; reaching out to the hidden energies of things around us and the stories they trigger. The festival offers a world-class lineup of digital performance lectures from environmental thinkers like Tim Morton, Dominic Boyer and Lisa Messeri.


Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity” (Humboldt Universität), Institut für Europäische Ethnologie (HU Berlin), NODE Institute, Speculative Realities Lab (Charité)