Rudolf Virchow in the Tempel of Trichinella

In 1864, Rudolf Virchow published his work on the trichinella ('Darstellung der Lehre von den Trichinen, mit Rücksicht auf die dadurch geboten Vorsichtsmaßregeln, für Laien und Aerzte'. Berlin: Reimer). The title shows that Virchow was not simply publishing research results. Rather, this work can be seen as a handbook containing information and concrete instructions for politicians and society – including manufacturers and consumers of meat products.

In the same year, the Berlin company Schmidt & Haensch developed a microscope for the examination of meat for trichinella according to Virchow's specifications. Departing from the trichinella microscope as an epistemic object, the exhibition connects to different themes and personalities: The introduction of meat inspection, the trichinella controversy, colonial collecting, medicine as a social science...
The illustrator Jan Steins visualizes themes and players on a magnetic wall, on which, their position can be altered. By physically shifting and exchanging these individual elements – during monthly discussion rounds – new foci and relationships will emerge.
Curator: Anna Szöke in collaboration with Jan Steins, illustrator