The TA T becomes an interactive playground: a real cloud rises in the middle of the room, reacts to body heat and movement and hovers around the visitors like an alien being. Stones reveal their weathering as a dynamic process of change.

Matter is dead? No way! The exhibition “Stretching Materialities” by researchers and designers from the Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity. Image Space Material« makes it possible to experience the vitality and activity of matter in a completely new way.

Large willow structures, which humans and computers have designed together with great attention to detail, interweave to create a habitable space. Traditional Korean Hanbok clothing becomes active and vibrates on the visitors' skin depending on their movement. Walking through the central rotunda of the TA T with virtual reality glasses, visitors can enter a glass lift: Then the journey takes you straight into the material, more precisely into the CT scan of a stone - or high into the clouds to interact with air molecules. The exhibition is accompanied by regular sound performances of the Well-Tempered Hygrometer by artist Anna Kubelík in the object laboratory of the Hermann von Helmholtz Centre for Cultural Technology adjacent to the TA T.
You have never experienced an exhibition like this before. With knowledge from the research of the Cluster of Excellence »Matters of Activity«, an interactive laboratory space has been created here that allows completely unexpected insights into thinking about matter - and makes it tangible how active the world around us really is.
The show is curated by multidisciplinary scientists and designers from the ``Object Space Agency`` project of the »Matters of Activity« cluster of excellence at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, led by art and visual historian Prof. Dr. Claudia Blümle and design researcher Clemens Winkler.