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3D-Printing of a Snake Goddess Replica

3D-Printing of a Snake Goddess Replica at TA T, Foto: Sattler/HU

“Research in Display”

The Tieranatomisches Theater (Veterinary Anatomy Theater) is an exhibition space and stage for experimental forms of presentation and a laboratory for curatorial practices.

As a research institution at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Tieranatomisches Theater focuses on critical examination of the multifaceted role of material culture, collections and institutions. For this purpose, sciences and creative disciplines are brought into an exchange with each other as well as with actors from the arts and civil society. The aim is to make the diversity of knowledge visible while at the same time developing new formats and perspectives for exhibitions.

From Knowledge Theater to Exhibition Space and Object Lab

More than 200 years ago, Carl Gotthard Langhans created an outstanding building. He fused the ancient architectures of the Round Temple (Pantheon) and the amphitheater into a new, enlightened architecture of knowledge. It established anatomy as a link between scientific, aesthetic and social practice. This integration of research and public outreach motivates us today to further develop exhibitions as an independent form of knowledge.


More than 30 scientific collections from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offer exceptional conditions. With the new Object Laboratory, the Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Techniques has created a unique research facility next to the Tieranatomisches Theater in which collections can be examined in an interdisciplinary and applied manner. The interactive permanent exhibition „Meshwork of Things” provides for an overview of the diversity, history and current use of the Humboldt-Universität’s collections in research and teaching.

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