Exhibitions & Events 2013–2021





Humanimal. Mythos & Realität
Hybrid Beings in Science and Art. Curated by students of the seminar “Vielfalt der Wissensformen”, project lead: Dr. Cornelia Weber, in cooperation with Museum für Naturkunde Berlin



Moritz Fehr: Inversion
32-channel sound installation for the anatomy theatre with recordings from the Tierstimmenarchiv (Animal Voice Archive) of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Curator: Felix Sattler, in cooperation with the Tierstimmenarchiv, Dr. Karl-Heinz Frommolt

Unsere Tiere
Seventeen positions in the artistic and scientific context. Curated by Dr. Michael Fehr (UdK Berlin, Kunst im Kontext), Dr. Frank Steinheimer, Dr. Renate Schafberg (both: ZNS, MLU Halle/Saale) and Felix Sattler

The Making of … Ghosts. Stimmen und Erscheinungen in Archiven des Ersten Weltkriegs
Exhibition with recordings from the Lautarchiv of the HU, curated by Philip Scheffner and Dr. Britta Lange, in cooperation with Dr. Jochen Hennig / Lautarchiv der HU, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the DFG

Wilhelm Nöller. Forscher, Lehrer, Praktiker
A portrait of the veterinarian Wilhelm Nöller (1890–1964)

Mensch Macht Pferd. Von Zügellosigkeit und Züchtigung
Curated by students of the seminar “Vielfalt der Wissensformen”.
Project lead: Dr. Cornelia Weber, in cooperation with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Alles bleibt anders. Eine Ausstellung zu Kulturtechniken im Digitalen
Curated by Sarah Katharina Becker, Arkadij Koscheew, Mona Wischhoff, funded by BMBF “Wissenschaft im Dialog”



Luis de Belle: Failed Dioramas
Room installation, photography, curated by Felix Sattler

On the Edge. Artists in Dialogue with Humboldt University Collections
Curated by Dr. Sara Barnes, in cooperation with Dr. Jochen Hennig and Felix Sattler, funded by Schering Stiftung

Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag: Sinus
A chamber opera in three acts as an apparative reinterpretation of Hermann von Helmholtz “Apparat zur künstlichen Zusammensetzung von Vocalklängen” – a first electro-acoustic synthesizer from the 1950s. Curated by Felix Sattler, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Anja Nitz: Wunderkammer Charité
An artistic portrait of the old Charité. Curated by Felix Sattler



Michel Verjux: Gestaltanatomie
Light installation for the anatomy theatre, Gallery Weekend, in cooperation with Galerie xavierlaboulbenne, Berlin

Anatomie Gestalten!
Anatomic models from the teaching of Prof. Dr. Manfred Zoller, curated by Felix Sattler with Ines Liszko and Mona Wischhoff

Orobates. Nach 300 Millionen Jahren reanimiert.
Curated by students from HU and TU, designed by students from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, in cooperation with the Phyletisches Museum, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha, project lead: Prof. Dr, John Nyakatura, Felix Sattler, Michael Ott und Matthias Schmitt, funded by Volkswagen Stiftung, Daimler Benz Stiftung and Cluster of Excellence »Bild Wissen Gestaltung«

Longing for Landscape. Landschaftsfotografie im Anthropozän
Photography, European Month of Photography, curated by Curatorial Collective Berlin, Hanna Dölle, Katherina Perlongo, Annika Turkowski

GRRLT. Abseits der Norm
An exhibition on the “Gurlt’schen Missbildungssammlung” (Gurlt Teratological Collection), curated by Mona Wischhoff, Sarah K. Becker und Alina Strmljan



Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag: SYNTH
see above, restaging of the chamber opera SINUS, expanded to an exhibition

Replica Knowledge. An Archaeology of the Multiple Past
Research and exhibition project on the history of knowledge of replicas from the Aegean Bronze Age, in cooperation with the Winckelmann Institute for Classical Archaeology and the Cluster of Excellence “Image Knowledge Gestaltung”, curated by Dr. Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw and Felix Sattler, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation in the programme “International Museum Fellowship” and Cluster of Excellence BWG



Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest
Exhibition cycle, curated by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, in cooperation with and supported by the Ernst Schering Foundation

Temporary Object Laboratory
Preview of the Helmholtz Centre’s future research infrastructure. With Angela Strauß, Sebastian Doering and Oliver Thie, with objects and historical instruments from mineralogy, physiology and psychology.

The Dead, as far as [    ] can remember
Knowledge and controversies about colonial violence, decolonial resistance, human remains and objects from the former colonies in museums and collections. Contributions by Flinn Works with Sarita Lydia Mamseri, Berlin Postkolonial e.V., Tal Adler/Anna Szoeke (CARMAH/Traces), leftvision e.V., curated by Felix Sattler in cooperation with the partners



Zoology in Pictures. The Wall Charts of the Zoological Teaching Collection
Curated by Dr. Gerhard Scholtz, Professor for Comparative Zoology at the Institute of Biology

Dafna Maimon: Wary Mary
Performance on epidemology, gender and discrimination, curated by ASSEMBLE (Adela Yawitz, Anna Gien) in dialogue with the Zentrum für transdiziplinäre Geschlechterstudien an der Humboldt-Universität (Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin)

Dominique Hurth: soundless voices, bitten tongues and haptic hands
Performance and installation on the biographies of Lise Meitner, Elsa Neumann and Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner, in dialogue with the collection of historical physical instruments at the Humboldt-Universität, curated by Felix Sattler

Meshwork of Things. The Sammlungsschaufenster of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Permanent exhibition, interactive “Chamber of Curiosities”: 80 Objects, 24 Collections, 1 Digital Guide. ∞ Connections. Curated by Felix Sattler, Sarah K. Becker, Jessica Korp based on an idea by Felix Sattler and Dr. Jochen Hennig

AugenWerk – Ørenslyd
Exhibition and performance lecture on colour theory and perception in philosophy, physics and the arts. Contributions by Prof. Dr. Olaf Müller, Ingo Nussbaumer, Prof. Edvin Østergaard and Hubert Schmidleitner. Curated by Prof. Dr. Olaf Müller



Treating and Trading Animals. Parasitology between Ecology and Economy
Curated by Katharina Otto and Felix Sattler

Oliver Thie: Die Wahrheit über den Ursprung der Welt
Curated by Felix Sattler. Supported by loans from the Mineralogical Collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.



COSMOS 1939: Georges Salles/Walter Benjamin
By Jean-Michel Alberola with a guest appearance by Aura Rosenberg and Frances Scholz. Curated by Caterina Flor Gümpel and Zora Schiffer

Virchow im Trichinentempel (AT)
Curated by Anna Szöke

Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag: Helmholtz Voocaal
Chamber opera, curated by Felix Sattler