Sarah K. Becker, Mona Wischoff (eds.): HUMANIMAL. Mythos und Realität (2014)

Sarah K. Becker / Mona Wischhoff (Eds.) HUMANIMAL. Mythos und Realität

Exhibition catalogue

Hybrid creatures cross the apparently fixed boundary between humans and animals. Examples of these border crossers can be found in all cultures and throughout time, combining the intellectual abilities and physical capabilities of both sides. Whether magical god-beings or super-powered heroes – hybrid beings all too often tend towards the superhuman. But what happens when hybrid beings are no longer just products of human fiction, but become reality thanks to medical advances?

Publisher: Hermann von Helmholtz Center for Cultural Technology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Concept: Sarah-Katharina Becker and Mona Wischhoff. Text editing and interviews: Mona Wischhoff. Image editing, processing and layout: Sarah-Katharina Becker. Lectorate: Dr. Cornelia Weber, Arkadij Koscheew.

Full text available online.

Cover, HUMANIMAL Katalog (2014)

Cover, HUMANIMAL Katalog (2014)