How hybrid is the future of theatre?

This exhibition by the research project “Viral Theatres” explores this question and offers a look into their Living Archive – a collection to document new forms and contents of pandemic theatre making and audience experience via interviews, video and audio documents, and digital interactions.


These documents include glances into the pandemic theatre work of the Junges DT, the Berliner Ensemble, the Komische Oper, and the HAU Hebbel-am-Ufer, a sound installation that gathers the voices of theatre makers, critics, and scholars and student works by the Bard College Berlin seminar “Post/Pandemic Performance in Berlin and New York”, a manifesto on the future of theatre by metalab@Harvard and theatre letters from around the world.

Exhibition Opening with Symposium & Guest Performance

For our opening events, we invite you to a three-day symposium consisting of workshops, a VR performance and roundtable discussions; we bring together international theatre practitioners and scholars to discuss aesthetics, infrastructures, and hybrid as well as digital artistic practices (to the full program). The independent performance group Interrobang will also be offering a guest run of Deep Godot, a one-to-one performance with an AI that explores the ambivalences of artificial intelligence. See link to registration for complimentary ticket.

Partners and Sponsors

This event is a cooperation of the Research Project “Viral Theatres” (a collaboration of the Free University, the Humboldt-Universität and Bard College Berlin) with the Research Project “Extended Audiences” at the EXC2020 “Temporal Communities,” the EXC2020 ``Matters of Activity. Image Space Material``, the metalab@Harvard, the Harvard University Mahindra Humanities Centers, and the Open Society University Networks. The Project “Viral Theatres” is funded by the VolkswagenFoundation and led by Ramona Mosse, Janina Janke, Christian Stein and Nina Tecklenburg.