Online presentation on November 7

Dr. Angela Strauß: „Der Sammler, der Streit und die Steine. Historischer Kontext zur Nose-Sammlung”

Lecture, 7 November 2020, 4 pm, online via zoom, see below.

Presentation in German.

In 2018/2019 Angela Strauß researched the mineral collection of Carl Wilhelm Nose together with Oliver Thie. In her lecture she will tell the history of this collection. More than two hundred years ago, the path of the stones led from the Siebengebirge on the Rhine to the Natural History Museum in Berlin. This much can be revealed: it would never have come about without a dispute.

In her current project at the Museum of Natural History, Angela Strauß, as a historian of modern history, is investigating the extent to which donations to collections were accompanied by a politicisation of natural history and what influence their previous owners could have had on the institution of the museum.

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Lecture and artist talk on October 14, 6 p.m.

Prof. Claudia Blümle, HU-Berlin: „Schwarzer Glanz. Die materialisierten Schattenbilder von Oliver Thie”

Presentation in German. Followed by a tour of the exhibition with Oliver Thie and Felix Sattler

The event tool place online via Zoom. Soon, you will find a link here accessing the video recording.

Claudia Blümle speaks about the silhouettes by the Berlin artist Oliver Thie, which can currently be seen in the Tieranatomisches Theater under the title “Die Wahrheit über den Ursprung zur Welt”.With the help of an overhead projector and transparent paper covered with soot, the artist captures silhouettes of rocks as shadow images.  The specific materiality of the image carrier creates an image effect similar to the visual nature of a stone. Thus the approach to the stones is reflected not only in the sketched outline of the projected object, but also in the material structure of the processed paper and in the variably shiny and matt surface of the picture. On the basis of these observations and the art and media history of silhouettes, the lecture will show how Oliver Thie’s group of works provokes reflection on the relationship between the ur image and the representation as well as on the relationship between image, image object and their materiality.

Claudia Blümle has been Professor of the History and Theory of Form at the Institute of Art and Image History of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since 2014 and since 2019 Head of the Object Space Agency research group at the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity. From 2009 to 2014 she held the professorship for aesthetics and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster.